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Student & Learning Support

Student administrative support (the student support team) is the student’s first port of call for enrolment or general administrative questions.
The student support team is available to help our student’s with getting up and running with their course as well as general support for all administration enquiries. If the student needs to speak to someone in the learning support team or workplace learning support team, a student support officer can commence the referral process

The Student Support Team is a high volume call centre delivering an exceptional online and telephone student experience through the provision of non-academic support services. The core focus is the quality of the student experience, student retention and course completion; in addition to student satisfaction with the learning experience

Design, Development & IT

The Design and Development teams play an integral role in the re-design and maintenance of both our student portal (OpenSpace), our Salesforce platform and our suite of consumer facing websites. The Design team also work on developing online and offline marketing collateral that is used across our social media networks, Google and Bing.

The IT team play an integral role in ensuring all systems, servers and software run smoothly and experience minimum downtime


Open Colleges delivers a diverse portfolio of accredited and unaccredited courses spanning health care, community services, business and management, finance and accounting, technology and design. We focus on meeting the needs of adult learners by providing high-quality learning experiences that are flexible, accessible and affordable.

Open Colleges comprises a number of specialised Colleges, that are grouped into 5 Faculties:

Faculty of Business, Management and Services

Faculty of Community Services

Faculty of Creative Industry

Faculty of Health and Wellness

Faculty of Finance and Accounting

Course Development & Improvement

Open Colleges designs and develops all the course we provide, the Course Development and Improvement is responsible for the design and development of new courses as well as improvements to existing courses. This dynamic team that is redefining quality online learning for adult learners in Australia.

This team is responsible with content development and content sourcing for the courses as well as instructional design as we as leading innovation in current courses.

Student Recruitment

At Open Colleges we understand that our people make all the difference. The Enrolment Consultants are the first point of contact for our students. They work closely with the student to find out why they are looking to study and assist them in choosing the right course to meet their career and life goals

Trainers & Assessors

The Trainers will be concerned with the quality of the student experience, student retention and completion and student satisfaction with their learning experience. The Trainers also provide input into the continuous improvement of the course design, learning materials and assessments as well as the online student support materials.


You want to work but you need experience to get it. You want experience but you need work to get it. Many graduates, job-seekers and career-changers encounter this old chicken-and-egg conundrum, which is why Open Colleges is delighted to invite expressions of interest in our intern program.

From time to time, through this program, we will offer paid or unpaid work experience across our business. These supervised placements are designed to build and enhance skills 'on the job', expand business contacts and open up new opportunities.

If you are interested in an internship with Open Colleges in course development, marketing, sales or corporate services, please feel free to leave your resume with us and mention which department you wish to intern for. We will contact you when a suitable placement becomes available.